April 19-20, 2018

Spring Business Forum

Forum Topic: Changing the trajectory of development. New strategies, instruments and markets.



  • Discussion of issues of micro- and macroeconomics, monetary policy and general economic situation in Ukraine under conditions of significant historical challenges;
  • Coverage of the prospects for reforming economic and social spheres, the process of bringing conduct of business in Ukraine to compliance with the standards of both the EU and the world in general during the 4th Industrial Revolution;
  • Acquaintance with the experience of reforming economy on the way to economic growth;
  • Expert studies on the use of human capital in the period of significant emigration and strong demotivation of aging population of Ukraine;
  • Reporting on the situation in the financial and banking sector of Ukraine, stages of reforming and change of this sector under conditions of the digital era;
  • Examples of successful projects implemented in Ukraine by both international and local companies – leaders of the respective markets. Sharing experience by the owners of these companies and practical recommendations on avoiding risks and errors in the course of implementation;


Defining the state and prospects of the Ukrainian economic development on the short-term and medium-term horizon by means of expert studies.

Qualitative analysis of a number of elements affecting conduct of business in Ukraine with the purpose of taking the most reasonable and appropriate decisions by owners and managers of the companies.

Establishing cooperation between the entrepreneurs and representatives of the state and local authorities from different regions of Ukraine, as well as foreign investors.

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Representatives of executive authorities and local self-government, leading banking organizations and institutions, successful entrepreneurs interested in economic development of Ukraine are welcome to participate in the Forum.

Representatives of international economic organizations and institutions, foreign financial and investment companies, enterprises, interested in implementation of business projects in Ukraine are also welcome to participate in the Forum.


The Forum will be held in the format of meeting of all participants and reports of the speakers. Closing of the Forum will take place in the Citadel Restaurant and will consist of informal discussions of the results and a buffet. In addition, business-breakfast is planned to be held jointly with the Ukrainian Union of Entrepreneurs (SUP) on April 28 on the summer terrace of the Citadel Hotel.

The Forum is an apolitical, non-commercial project and is aimed at improving business-environment of Ukraine.



Those potential participants can take part in the Forum who will:

  • contact the organizers timely and confirm their participation in the event;
  • pre-register by completing an application on the web-site of the Forum by reference;
  • receive written confirmation of participation from the Forum organizers;
  • pay the registration fee for participating in the Forum.

Each Forum participant must pay a registration fee.


  • 2500 UAH provided payment is made till March 19, 2018
  • 2750 UAH provided payment is made till April 01, 2018
  • 3000 provided payment is made from April 19, 2018
  • пParticipation of 3 participants - 7200 UAH (regardless the time of registration)
  • Participation of 5 participants - 11000 UAH (regardless the time of registration)

The indicated price does not include VAT since the company-organizer is not a VAT payer.


  • participation in the Forum’s events;
  • participation in buffets, coffee, tea during breaks of the Forum.

Registration fee does not include payment for accommodation and costs for transportation to the Forum venue and in the opposite direction. For nonresidents of the city the organizers provide reservations at hotels; accommodation payments shall be made by the participants independently and are not included in the registration fee.

Payment shall be made in non-cash form by transferring funds to the account of LLC “Legal Company "HD Partners" (details will be specified in an invoice issued by the organizer).

The Forum organizers have the right to deny registration when achieving maximum number of participants (200 people) or in case of the lack of technical capabilities. In case of revocation of registration in the Forum in less than 10 days before the beginning of the Forum the paid participation fee will not be returned.

  • For registration in the Forum and ordering an invoice, please, complete an application.


    Pay using card

For guests and partners of the Spring Business Forum
"Citadel Inn" Hotel&Resort has prepared special rates for accommodation. We will be pleased to help You with registration and the detailed information:

e-mail: reservation@citadel-inn.com.ua

tel.: +38 050 732 02 02


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